12 Stones Music

A Full Service Music Instruction, Recording & Production Company

Over 25 years of Professional Music Producing & Recording Experience

From Artist Demos and Recording Projects to Film Scores and Television Bumpers, 12 Stones Music works hand-in-hand with our clients to capture and create their musical vision. We now also offer Mastering!
It has been an awesome experience for us to work with Bill Murrell at 12 Stones Music. 12 Stones Music scored our complete TV production.They are professional, creative & accurately developed the "fun and high energy sound" that we were looking for on our AlegriaTV producton.
Samuel Flores, Producer & Director, AlegriaTV

Artist Recording Demos & Projects

As music producers, we work closely with recording artists and musicians to bring their particular artistic vision to life. From pre-production to finished product, 12 Stones Music works behind the scenes to help you create the right "sound" ensuring that your talent and material is the best it can be.

Film Scores & Television Bumpers

From Film Scores to Broadcast bumpers, 12 Stones Music can provide your film or television project with the quality audio content you are looking for. We have extensive scoring experience and can produce a professional and unique theme that viewers will automatically associate with your specific production.

Commercials, Jingles & Voice Overs

12 Stones Music can create your next audio commercial, corporate voice over narration, or product jingle. From writing the script and obtaining voice over talent, to post production mastering, we provide the full package for your specific commercial needs.

Audio Books & CD's

Our Studio is tailor made for Audio Book recording. From procuring voiceover talent to background music and mastering, 12 Stones Music provides the Author and Publishers with a stress-free experience culminating in a professional product.

12 Stones Offers Mastering!

Mastering is what makes your project shine and enables it to compete with the current market recordings. Mastering shapes, sculpts, equalizes, compresses and finesses your recording into a professional sounding product. Every Mastering Session Includes the following:

  • Optimizing Average and Peak Volume levels for proper relative Loudness
  • Signal Processing- Compression & EQ balance, Aural Exciter
  • Establishing a "Sonic" field for all tracks
  • Cleaning up each track's start and ending, including fades
  • Applying "dithering" resulting in tracks with proper sampling and bit rates & More…

12 Stones Music runs Pro Tools 12 recording Software and iZotope Ozone7 Mastering Software, providing the client with excellent recording and mastering ability as well as a wide range of virtual instruments and editing capabilities. Mastering a full CD takes between 8-10 hours. Whether your record your project at 12 Stones or you just have your finished project Mastered , 12 Stones Music can deliver a quality product you will be proud of.

Mastering Rates: $40.00/ hr.
For 12 Stones Music Producing Prices, Procedures and Contact simply go to our FAQ's page. To hear Samples of our recorded projects simply go to our Samples page.