12 Stones Music

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Charts & Arrangments

12 Stones Music specializes in transcription and the preparing of Music for publishing. We have over 25 years of personal experience transcribing and arranging charts of all different types of musical genres. We can do all types of arrangements including Horns and Strings, Orchestral pieces and Jazz.
Bill Murrell, the person with the BIGGEST ears and hands down the cleanest, most concise "commercially marketable" charts for your catalogue. Bill is preparing a book of charts for me to make available both in music stores and online. Our songs can bring in a little dough while we're out making more music.
Kirk Whalum Grammy Award Winning Artist & Producer
12 Stones Music uses Finale Music Notation Software, which means that you will receive commercial quality Charts & Scores. Once the music is charted, we can also instantly transpose it to any key you wish and save that file…no more worrying about keeping track of your original hardcopies. We can even take your midi files or music XML files and turn them into sheet music!